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What to do to Sell an Old iPhone and Benefit from the new iPhone Sale offers

With the new iPhone sale offers, you might want to sell your old iPhone so that you can purchase a new device. This is because you want to upgrade to the latest device. However, there are many people selling their devices too and you also want to sell yours at the best price possible while ensuring the security of your data.


When to sell your iPhone

Most people want to sell old iPhones at different times. However, the best time to sell an iPhone is usually in the weeks that precede the launch of a new iPhone model. At this time, there is a high demand for the existing models and prices are high. When selling an iPhone, timing is very important and to get more money from your old iPhone you should sell it before a new model is announced. Nevertheless, if you sell it too early you will not have a phone in the weeks that precede the launch of a new iPhone. Therefore, think carefully and time properly to avoid staying for too long without a phone or waiting for too long until you get less for your iPhone when you sell it after a new model has been announced.

Prepare your old iPhone for sale

There are many things that you should do to prepare your device for sale. For instance, you should unlock it to increase its resale value. Thus, you will most probably get the moist from your old iPhone sale when you unlock it. Unlocking an iPhone enables you to expand the pool of your potential buyers because it means that the device can be operated on different carriers. You should also backup iOS device. This will enable you to transfer photos, apps and other content to the new iPhone once you purchase it. Additionally, disable the Find My iPhone feature. This anti-theft feature ensures that your phone cannot be used by another person if they stole it or if you lose it. This feature is automatically turned on in iOS 7/8. Finally, erase the content as well as setting of the iPhone before you sell it.

Where to sell an old iPhone

There are several websites via which you can sell an old iPhone. They include sites like Gazelle that you can use with ease. However, some of them will pay you less for an old iPhone. Others include eBay and Craigslist. These have their risks but they allow you to get the most from the device. You can also sell your device via Facebook especially if you have a large network of friends. Alternatively, sell the old iPhone to friends or family members. This option has minimal risk of fraud or theft.

What you need to do

If you are thinking of selling your old iPhone so that you can acquire the latest model, you need to start the search for places where you can get the best iPhone sale offer. This will enable you to get the best deal for your new iPhone after selling your old device.Find sell your iphone on yelp:http://www.yelp.com/biz/sell-iphone-saint-louis-2

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