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Where Do I Sell My iPhone? – Learn more about the Options of Selling an iPhone

How do I sell my iPhone at the best price possible? If you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, this might be the question that is lingering in your mind. When a new iPhone is about to be released, your device might start having an old look. If you are excited about upgrading to the latest model, you may want to squeeze the last coin from that old device. This is why you must consider all the available ways of selling the device both locally and online. Although you might want to dispose off your old device quickly, it is important that you assess the options that you have and play your cards safely to get the best deal from that old device.

Sell on eBay

If you are not an established seller on eBay, start from the auction website. Although this can be intimidating, it is a good way of selling an old device. You just need to be transparent and honest about the current condition of the device. This might note feel or seem like it is a big deal but include images and mention everything that you consider relevant to a potential buyer. Remember that images are important to buyers of old or used electronics. Therefore, take photos of your device and include them on your post.



Sell on Craigslist

Craigslist may not have a robust inbuilt accountability that a virtual auction has but the good thing about it when it comes to selling an iPhone is that there is not involvement of a middle man. If you are there wondering, where do I sell my iPhone at a price that I set for it, consider Craigslist. This avenue is considerably sketchier. Just avoid meeting the potential buyer at night. Selling the device through this avenue means that you get money direct to your pocket. Simply follow the general guidelines the way you would with other online selling avenues such as eBay. Be honest and include genuine images of the device.

Sell your device through Facebook

This is perhaps the simplest and convenient way of selling your iPhone. This is because you have friends on Facebook. The bigger your social network the higher the chances of selling the device quickly. Simply use plain language to come up with a post that sounds like you wrote it rather than like a paid for post. After all, the prospect buyers are your friends. Do not include anything more than the basics. Include necessary information such as an email address that a potential buyer can use to contact you.

Other options

Perhaps, you want to simply dispose off your iPhone without necessarily maximizing its value. In that case, you can consider different options online. There are many unofficial and official trade-in options. However, other options will give you more money than most trade-in options.

Generally, while selling an old phone, it is important that you start by conducting some research and weigh the available options. Simply stop asking, wondering where do I sell my iPhone and start the search for an option that will give you the best deal on your device.

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