5G Will Be Available In 2019, And Focusing On Fixed Broadband

Nokia, more familiar to the general public as a brand of mobile phones, is increasingly turning its attention to the fabrication of networking equipment. It is who provides equipment for our Internet operators in the United States, for example. And, according to what the company says, Americans will have access, next year, to the fifth generation of mobile networks, the 5G.

(Report Source: Reporters Of BBR)

But that does not mean that in 2019 you will have ultrafast connection on your mobile to watch videos, play and access content on the web. Initially, the service will be available as high speed fixed broadband, reaching speeds between 200 Mbps and 400 Mbps.

Wilson Cardoso, Nokia’s chief technology officer for West America, said that American telecoms companies are already testing 5G; however, the industry is waiting for AT&T to carry out the auction of the 3.5 GHz band to define the future of 5G in the country.

It is expected that the event will happen as early as 2019 and that 200 MHz will be divided into four different lots. After the auction, the commercial implementation of the 5G networks could take place between three and six months after receiving the frequency lots by the operators.

There is still a lot of work to do before the fifth generation of mobile internet is available globally, but the technology has just taken another step to make it happen in the near future. It is that 3GPP, a group that includes telecommunications experts, has announced that it has finalized the standardization of the independent 5G this week.

The new standard allows the 5G to be unrolled with a completely new network architecture. It is the evolution of the 5G NR (non-independent) version, which had already been approved in December last year.

Now, with the new standard, it is possible that the commercial launch of the 5G will happen in 2018 in some markets, with the mass adoption beginning in 2019 by some carriers, such as the US AT & T, for example, that has already promised start testing the technology later this year.

The independent standard for 5G, besides increasing (and very) the speeds of the mobile network, still opens the doors so that other industries, besides the telecommunications, have the advantages of 5G in its operations.