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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Staff Writer


How to Set Password on a Wi-fi Network

Security is certainly a big factor these days. And if you have recently bought a new router and several access points, the first thing that you should do after installing all of them is to put the necessary password. Passwords keep your Wi-fi connection exclusive to the devices in your network. It assures you of no outsiders trying to tap in.

To set a password on your Wi-fi network, follow these steps:

wifi network

Wireless Internet works through a router that sends out a signal for sending and receiving data.

Open the wireless router user interface page.
All routers and access points have this page. It is a page where you can change the device’s setting with the use of an internet browser. Check your manual on how to open it up. You would have to type the IP address of the device on the address page of an internet browser. The numbers that you have to type, as well as the username and password, are in the manual.

Look for the security tab and click on it.
Once you have the page open, there will be different options and clickable links presented to you. Look for where it says router security. That’s where you’re supposed to type in the password for your Wi-fi network.

Select your desired security protocol.
Your selections would be WEP and WPA. WPA is more secure and is easier to set up. Pick that option and then select TKIP.  There will be a field where you are to type in the passphrase or the password. Put in something that you could easily remember. At this point, your wireless router is secured.

Put the same password across all your devices.
If you have an access point, configure it first before going to your computers and other devices. For access points, the procedure is fairly the same. You simply have to look for the interface page of that device and find the security tab. When you see it, select WPA and type in the passphrase in the field provided. You might have to physically link the access point to a computer with an RJ45 cable to make this step possible. Once you have all the access points working, you can now reconnect all your computers, laptops, and other mobile devices to network. Note that as you do it, you’ll see that your network is now secured and you’ll be asked with a password to be able to connect. Simply type in the password and you now have yourself a fully secured Wi-fi network.

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  1. Internet Woe Gal says:

    I just started up my wireless router — yes, I live in prehistoric times, with my ethernet cord and all. Anyway, I want to CHANGE my password to my router, but I have absolutely no idea on how to do it. Is there a simple way to do it?

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