How Fast is 4G?

How Fast is 4G?

4G Internet may seem like a fourth option in the cyber world, but you may be amazed at just how practical this technology is when compared to the competition. 4G Internet is refers to Fourth Generation wireless Internet, which is four times quicker than 3G. It is the fourth launch of cellular based technology, from 1G analog in the 1980s, to 2G digital content and 3G, which provided new capacity for multi-media support and spread spectrum transmission. 3G has always been limited in capacity, its greatest achievement in voice-to-voice transmission. 3G was capable of downloading 200 Kbits (or slightly more); but this is compared to 4G, which can download between 3-10 Mbps. 4th Generation Internet is characterized by IP packet switched networks, ultra band or gigabit speeds and multi-carrier transmissions. The speed of 4G is comparative to that achievable on home or work broadband connections. That means it is now possible to stream video, watch live tv or play online games effectively on mobile devices.

How Fast is 4G vs. 3G on a Smartphone?
Keith Shaw gives a quick demonstration of the speed differences between the Verizon 4G network on the new ThunderBolt smartphone and the 3G network (Motorola Droid) of Verizon and AT&T (iPhone 4). Check out video below.

Speed requirements for 4G service set the peak download speed at 100 Mbit/s for high mobility communication (such as from trains and cars) and 1 Gbit/s for low mobility communication (such as pedestrians and stationary users). The “true” 4G networks need to provide download speeds of 100Mbps while you are moving and 1Gbps while you’re standing still. 4G remains the same speed no matter what carrier you go with. The most important thing is to make sure it is in your area.

So far, there are various companies in America who are providing 4G solutions to their customers at affordable rates. Although some people may find the rates too high, it is still worth it if you consider the fast Internet connectivity. Like a 3G network, people can use 4G modems to enjoy wireless 4G connectivity on their laptops and desktops. Getting 4G is worth it though. Many users discover that 4G to be faster than standard telephone or fibre optic based broadband. In conclusion, the future is 4G.



Brendan says:

I liked seeing the YouTube video comparison. 10x faster speed on the 4G network. That’s amazing. I used AT&T, so I wouldn’t know the difference… ;)

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