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Wireless Internet Problems

Sometimes, the brilliant technological advances of today do not function so smoothly. It can be relatively frustrating when you browser refuses to load web pages. Some Wireless internet problems are more server than others, but there is usually a discrete solution and process to approaching the issue. It is also possible to remedy your own issues with WIFI internet.

Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet enables wireless connectivity to the Internet via radio waves rather than wires on a person’s home computer, laptop, smartphone or similar mobile device.

Before you overcomplicate the issue, first seek the obvious solution to the problem. In many cases, certain plugs have come loose and need to be pushed back into their rightful places. If your network cables do not appear to be plugged in, then you can easily resolve this issue by plugging them in. The next obvious step is to ensure that your modem is actually on. Usually, a small light will signal when it is on.

In other cases, a particular website may not be functioning, or the server may be busy. This may immediately alert you to an issue that is not specific to your wireless network. If one website appears to be down, type in the web address of another site in order to rule out the possibility of WIFI issues.

Sometimes, if two computers operate from the same IP address, this can inhibit one’s online access.

If you have an exceedingly strong viral firewall installed don your computer, it may inhibit certain browsing capabilities or web access. When such firewalls function improperly, they begin blocking completely safe and normal websites, as they perceive the site to be harmful or threatening to your computer.

In some cases, you may have surpassed the overall range of your wireless signal. The farther your device is from the wireless access point, the weaker the connection will become.

Alterations to your wireless network’s configuration can also prompt a malfunction in your ability to browse the internet. Matching securities are usually a requirement for WIFI networks using WPA or WEP. If this key is suddenly changes, then an individual will be unable to browse the web.

If you fail to pay your monthly Internet bill, your service provider can block your access to internet.

If your computer has been plagued by a virus of some sort, this can impede your ability to use the web, and your computer in general. Therefore, an adequate firewall is necessary to prevent damage to your computer.

Although it is common for WIFI issues to arise, there are certain habits we can adopt to prevent such issues. For example, using simple passwords can easily compromise the security of your connection. Furthermore, failing to plug in your wireless router or modem is another common mistake. Many of us dismiss the importance of a properly established firewall. Others fall into the trap of forgoing the use of any virus protection or security. This can make your computer and WIFI connection susceptible to hackers, spyware and viruses. Along the lines of this, many have a deluded sense of security and underestimate the ability of internet criminals to infect their computer to steal their information.

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