How To Choose Between BT Broadband Packages

How To Choose Between BT Broadband Packages

When you are looking at BT broadband packages you may wonder which one is best for you. There are a few things which need to be considered when looking at the packages. For a start you should consider what is being offered and how that fits into your lifestyle. You should also think about what sort of broadband user you are. The type of user you are will dictate what BT broadband packages are best.

What kind of user are you?

There are different kinds of broadband users and they require different levels of BT broadband packages. By determining which user you are you will be able to tell which kind of package you need.

Beginners or Light Users

Beginner users will require beginner broadband packages. These users are either people who are just starting to get into the internet or those who feel they will not be using the internet much. These packages will generally have good customer service, be easy to set up and not very expensive; but they will come with restrictive usage caps.

Heavy Users

Heavy users are people who view the internet as their life. If you are constantly online doing something then you will be considered a heavy user. Some activities that heavy users will do include watching videos online, gaming and completing mass amounts of download. The average heavy user requires a broadband package that offers high speeds and a lot of data (ideally unlimited).


Business users should go with the business broadband packages. This includes both companies and home business owners. Having a business package gives you additional incentives which help your business thrive. This includes prioritised traffic, better upload speeds and better customer service.

Mobile Users

Mobile users are people who primarily use the internet on the go. Mobile users also include people who do not do much on the internet other than check emails and surf the web. Mobile broadband can be connected to a laptop or used through another wireless device like a tablet. With BT users can get on wireless hotspots so look out for a package that includes access to the wireless hotspot network from BT.


Family users will have more than one device connected to their broadband at any time. These devices will include laptops, gaming consoles, tablets and TVs. The broadband packages needed by these users should be capable of giving the best speeds to all the devices. The same packages may be used for heavy broadband users.

BT broadband packages to consider

If you have decided that BT is the provider you wish to use then you need to consider the BT broadband packages. These packages will be made up of a number of features. The features should fit into the type of broadband user you are and cover all of your needs. Of course it is important to note that you might not be able to get all the options in your area. For example, the BT Infinity Fibre network currently reaches around 60% of UK homes.

Before you decide on a single package you need to find out what is offered in your area. There are a number of ways that this can be done. The first would be to go to the provider’s website. On the website there should be a facility which allows you to input your postcode and check what is provided in your area. If you cannot find this feature there are other websites, which will be able to tell you. Do a search for broadband comparison and you will be thrown up plenty of options.

Fast packages

The speed of your broadband is one of the most important features. The speed can affect not only how fast downloads are completed but also how fast web pages open. Of course, for the activities which most people complete online a speed of 2mb per second is sufficient. A broadband connection which has a speed of 8mb per second is enough to comfortably play online games, go on Facebook and YouTube as well as check emails. Faster speeds are more for people who download a lot and have applications which use a lot of bandwidth.

The fastest BT broadband packages will be those which use fibre optics. These cables relay data much faster than standard ADSL. One major problem is that fibre optics is not available everywhere as the infrastructure is not in place… yet!

Do I need wireless?

Most packages come with a wireless router as a free standard piece of hardware. However, you don’t actually need to have wireless broadband. If you are connecting more than one computer to your broadband network then wireless is essential (or you need to run multiple Ethernet cables). However, if you are the only person connecting to the internet and you don’t move your computer around then you might not need wireless. It is possible to connect a computer to a wireless router through an Ethernet cable. This has the added benefit of increasing the speed and stability of the connection, as wireless signals have been known to underperform.

Should I be getting digital TV as well?

Digital TV is not something that many view as an essential. Of course the vast viewing options of this type of TV make it very appealing. If you do want to get this TV then you can often have it bundled with your broadband package. Bundling the two will often lower the overall cost of the package.

What hardware do I need for the package?

Service providers will generally provide you with a free wireless router. Of course if this is not the case you will need to purchase a router yourself. If you are not going the wireless option then a simple modem will work as well. Another piece of hardware that you should get is a microfilter or splitter. This is essential if you are getting ADSL broadband as it travels into your home with the phone line. The splitter will separate the internet from the phone ,which lowers the chances of interference. This interference can cause slow speeds for your internet and problems with your phone. All the devices which are connected to the broadband should hooked up through a single line to eliminate any problems.

Do I need any software?

When you purchase a broadband service you need to be aware of the risks. Viruses can infect your computer through links on the internet. There are ways to protect your computer and one of them is the use of internet security software. Your router will also be protected by a firewall to safeguard against hacking. The firewall is usually included and already set up when you get a free router from your provider.


Phil Turner noticed that there were several BT Broadband packages to suit his needs. Before he signed a contract, he checked out the deals on price comparison websites like uSwitch just to make sure he was getting value for money.

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