How To Test Your Broadband Connection Speed?

How To Test Your Broadband Connection Speed?

If you’re concerned about your broadband running too slow or you simply want to check what sort of speeds you are getting then its really simple to check and all you need to do is search the web for broadband speed test.

You’ll find a variety of sights two of the best are and However both of them will require your browser to have a flash plugin installed.

Before you begin any broadband connection speed test ensure that you are not downloading anything because this can have an impact on examination results.

If you’re using the, click begin test and the flash application will download and upload some data in order to test your connection after a minute or so it will give you your results.


The ping number shows what the delay your broadband is experiencing in miliseconds. This can be really important if you are playing games online and the lower the number the better.

The download speed, measured in megabits per second, shows how quickly you can download information from the internet which affects how quickly web pages load and whether movies play without delay.

The download speed is often quote when you buy your broadband package but don’t expect the figures to match. Real world download figures are often half the figures quoted when you buy your package. This can reduce due to the distance from the nearest telephone exchange or the number of other broadband subscribers nearby.

The upload speed shows how quickly you can send data. This is usually significantly lower than your download speed which can be a problem if you’re sending big files or uploading videos to YouTube .For both upload and download speed the higher the number is best.

Meanwhile, if you use you can enter your postcode to see a map telling you what speeds other people in your area are experiencing. You can also download speed test apps for iPhone and Android so you can measure the speeds of your home network from your phone.





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