Slow Buffering On A High Speed Connection: A Real Scourge for Those Who Are Watching Streaming Videos

Slow Buffering On A High Speed Connection: A Real Scourge for Those Who Are Watching Streaming Videos

The birth of streaming video websites, such as, and have given users instant access to a plethora of free media files. These websites have become just about the most favorite sites which are seen by countless visitors worldwide. There are times which a viewer’s can be disappointed due to slower video streaming.

So how to resolve the situation with the slow buffering? A few simple trick will solve the problem of slow buffering and here is something you can do.

  • Start by taking a look at the ADSL connection. There may be a problem with free Wi-Fi. Look at your connection and make sure the line does not go in spurts (the light of the Internet should not be flashing). You also have to make sure you are close enough to the PC in order to capture the connection.
  • Now you have to clear the history. The history is not simply a list of sites you’ve already seen, but it is saved in the temporary data. These data do nothing but clog the system and slow you down. To clear the history, you will find the option in the settings of your browser.
  • Change the DNS server. In exceptional cases, the problem can be the DNS server. To change it without too much trauma for your computer, there are free software, as in the case of NowVideo, which allow you to change DNS with a simple click.
  • Disable P2P programs. The P2P programs to capture files Torrent considerably slow down the system. The slow buffering may result from the amount of data that you have asked your P2P. You’ll have to close the program to give a surge to the video you are watching!
  • Close the application and put the video quality to 240p. The slow buffering may depend on the applications on the browser or on the quality of the video is too high. It ‘important to take a look before you despair.

Yelling at the computer to slow buffering is useless: the buffer must be done to open the video. The important thing is to know the source of the problem to fix it so that you are be able to view your videos in peace! What do you do when the buffering is too slow?