Broadcom Introduces New 5G WiFi Chips for Smart TV at CES 2014

Broadcom Introduces New 5G WiFi Chips for Smart TV at CES 2014

At CES 2014, Broadcom, one of the leading manufacturer of integrated circuits for broadband communications, announced two new 5G WiFi chips, designed to offer greater speed and range, which will significantly improve the experience of people who use a WiFi indoors

As reported by cnet, consumers in general were streaming video content to multiple devices at home, using various applications and different delivery services. This creates interference between multiple devices that use the same frequencies, resulting in signal degradation and the quality of the streaming content.

For example, using both Bluetooth and WiFi, which may be remote controls, speakers, and game controllers, it is possible that the various signals to reduce the bandwidth of WiFi, creating latency when playing online or watching a streaming movie by sending a signal from a tablet to a smart TV. The new chips BCM43569 and BCM43602 are designed to solve this problem.

Specifically, the BCM43569 chip integrates a MIMO antenna with USB 3.0 interface that enables high performance, enabling smart TVs simultaneously receive signals WiFi and Bluetooth (4.1). The chip BCM43602, instead, is designed for the PCIe interface and is able to receive data at a maximum speed of 900Mbps. Broadcom states that all WLAN driver for the chip are carried out within the same chip, so as to preserve the power of the host CPU for other tasks.

The two new chips also support the formation of the strongest connections. Both of these chips are now sampling to OEMs, which means you can expect to see the final products based on them sometime this year.


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