Mobile Broadband Problems Must be Solved to Increase the Users

Mobile Broadband Problems Must be Solved to Increase the Users

About Mobile Broadband Problems:
World is facing a lot of advancements in many technologies especially the internet has reached almost all the people recently. The latest development in this field is the introduction of mobile broadband which is also known as USB modems. The mobile broadband is cheap, portable and is easy to use. Though it has many benefits, on the other side it also has many drawbacks. The mobile broadband problems are based mostly on using the technology of mobile phone reception in the process of connection. In addition to that people using this mobile broadband for accessing the internet are also suffering from problems during the installation of the mobile broad band modems.

Mobile Broadband Problems in Coverage:
The major problem which is faced by the people availing this broadband connection is the connectivity problem. This is because the broadband links the computer with the internet using 3G networks of the mobile phones. In most of the rural areas and villages, people are facing the mobile broadband problems with the coverage. So in those people if the people try to access to the internet they get many difficulties in connecting it. Only few areas have the facility of accessing 3G networks and the people living in rest of the areas will suffer a lot with this issue.

Mobile Broadband Problems in Speed:
When mobile broadband is used for connecting the internet, the speed will be very slow so that it will take more time for browsing online. Not only are the people in rural areas suffering from the mobile broadband problems but also the people in cities are facing the problem with the speed of the internet as many people using internet connection in the cities. Mostly during the evening time, it takes more time even to open a page in the internet as the traffic in the network coverage will be more at that time. Mobile broadband providers will claim that the people can expect the speed up to 7.2Mbps but even in major industrial areas the speed will be around 3.6Mbps. The three major factors which affect the internet speed are place where the internet is used, time of using the service and electrical interference.

Mobile Broadband Problems in Installations:
The process involved in installing the mobile broadband is very simple. But many problems will arise while installing the USB modem. When the device is inserted into the port, sometimes no changes will be seen on the system. At that time, the device can be inserted into another port. If it works, then the problem is with the USB port. Even after changing the port, if the modem does not works, then the problem is with the modem. Then it is to be replaced with another one. By clicking on to the My Computer, the user can see the USB drive. After installing it, the user can access to the internet for browsing. If the USB drive is not seen, then the user must contact the service provider. These are the some of the mobile broadband problems faced by the people around the world. If all the problems are solved then more people will be using this mobile broadband.

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