Mobile Learning: The Classroom In Your Pocket

Mobile Learning: The Classroom In Your Pocket

In everyday life, the intense use of cell phones and other mobile devices is a must. However what happens when the practice moved to our classrooms? Is it a mistake? A wise move? A chance?

A glance and a few examples of how to apply them in our educational practices.

Many times, innovation within school hours does not require large investments or high-cost implementations. Everyday things like cell phone can function as teaching tools and help open a world of new possibilities.

Currently, we should not overlook the potential of mobile devices is increasing: not only increased the diversity of devices, but also everything tends to be portable: computers are becoming more lighter, cell phones have better features appeared and spread of tablets and e-book readers (e-readers), among many other applications of computing.

Mobile learning, which is not only “starring” by cell phones, offers a different dynamic of other models. It allows us to carry from one place to another, even within our pocket, a full course. And above all, we are invited to share almost instantly everything that happens around our networks. This will bring down the walls of the classroom and action expands to new horizons.

The advancement of mobile broadband and more affordable devices technology, are some variables that allow us to think that technology-mediated learning is possible “to” and “from” anywhere. The ubiquity thus ceases to be a feature of the technology and also happens to transform the teaching-learning process.

Mobile learning or “m-learning” provides modern methods to support the learning process through the use of mobile devices such as laptops and computer tablets, MP3 players, smart phones and mobile phones.

Custom, portable, cooperative, interactive and located in the context which has unique features that doesn’t have in a traditional learning through the use of electronic tools (e-learning).

So, while aiding, the formal and informal learning device has tremendous potential to transform the educational benefits and training.

Mobile learning has becoming one of the solutions to the problems facing in the education sector. Thus the program of activities of UNESCO is based on a growing number of joint initiatives aimed to explore how mobile technologies can facilitate the achievement of Education for All (EFA).

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