Mobile Broadband Plans You Should Be Aware Of

Mobile Broadband Plans You Should Be Aware Of

The development of mobile internet has been a huge boon to businesses and consumers alike. The ability to communicate easily and flexibly from a small handheld device rather than a large item like a laptop or desktop has rapidly increased demand for internet access around the world. It’s now simple for a consumer in any part of the world to go online and access the exact information they need. It’s equally easy for a business to respond to that need in the same manner.

Mobile Broadband Plans – What You Need to Know

Smartphone Evolution – The biggest driver for global mobile broadband plans is the smartphone. Where these were once the province of rich Western consumers, the technology has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Entry level handsets are now priced at $100 or less and the trend is likely to continue. In the West these are already the dominant platform for handset purchases and this will be mirrored around the world as prices fall further. Apple may have started the trend but they are rapidly losing market share to the hungry manufacturers of Asia such as ZTE, Samsung, HTC, and more.

Fourth Generation Networks – An equally important reason for the growth of mobile broadband plans is the arrival of faster mobile data networks. The first mobile internet services were based on wireless application protocol and consumers rejected them en masse. Why? It’s because the service just didn’t mirror the experience they were used to on computers. Today most of the world uses 3rd generation networks which provide an adequate experience online – in the future this is going to change as telcos implement their own mobile broadband plans and switch to high speed long-term evolution networks. This will give consumers true broadband on their handsets.

This is important to businesses because they need to be positioned to take advantage of these plans. Over 1 billion new consumers will come online thanks to these developments. That’s 1 billion potential customers and hundreds of billions of dollars of potential revenue. It’s vital that companies are correctly positioned to take advantage of that otherwise their competitors will reap the benefits instead.



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