Finding Your THREE Mobile Broadband Number

Finding Your THREE Mobile Broadband Number

You might not realize that inside every ‘THREE‘ tablets, dongles or MiFis, there’s a SIM card which has its own unique number. Generally this is your Three Mobile Broadband number. It’s eleven digits long and starts with ’07′.

Today I’m going to take you through three ways you can find it:

1)- On your SIM card holder.
If you’ve still got your SIM card holder, the piece of plastic your SIM card came in, your number will be printed on this, on the left hand side. If you’ve already thrown this away, don’t worry. You can also find the number on your Mobile Broadband dashboard on your computer. Just plug your dongle in, or turn your MiFi on.

2)- In your 3Connect dashboard or home page, if you have a dongle or MiFi.
If you connect using the 3Connect dashboard, open the Three access page and click ‘My3 account’. You’ll see your Mobile Broadband number at the bottom of the screen. Or type http://3.home into your browser, and look at the top left of the screen. Here you’ll see your Three Mobile Broadband number.

3)- In your settings, if you’re using a tablet.
If you’re using a tablet, you can find your Mobile Broadband number in your settings. It’s different on all tablets, so to find out how to do it on yours, go to, select ‘Tablets’ and choose the one you’ve got. Click ‘Finding your number’ to see exactly what to do to find it on your device.

You’ll need your Three Mobile Broadband number if you want to register for My3 online, have text messages sent to your device, and it helps Three identify you if you phone them. So it might help to make a note of it for future reference.

So, if you’ve got any more problems with your Three phone, dongle or tablet, visit


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