Mobile Broadband Myths Exposed

Mobile Broadband Myths Exposed

Mobile broadband is available to most consumers in the UK, however, many people still do not understand the concept.  Mobile broadband is a convenient way of getting online without the restrictions of a fixed broadband facility.  With this type of connection you are able to receive and send email messages, get on to the internet, watch videos and listen to streamed music wherever you are.

The advent of the 4G mobile service in certain parts of the country has made it possible to obtain faster speeds, making this service a more viable option to a fixed internet connection.

What are Mobile Broadband Packages?

This is a service that you can use whilst moving about, for example when you are on your way to work, on holiday locally and internationally.  The service is accessed by using the mobile phone network, 3G.  It is accessed with the use of a USB modem, a dongle or Mi-Fi. router  All you have to do to access the service is plug one of these modems into your laptop and you are ready to access the internet immediately.


Some of the myths linked to mobile broadband can quite easily be explained.

Mobile Broadband packages are slower than Home Broadband

This fact used to be true a few years ago, but this is no longer always the case now.  Speed checkers have revealed that the average speed for the mobile broadband packages is 7Mbps.  Although you can find home broadband speeds of 100Mbps if you are using fibre-optics, the most common broadband packages available are around 8Mbps.  It is possible to boost your mobile connection speed by using the Opera Turbo browser which is available at no extra cost.

Insufficient Download Allowances

Not necessarily true.  Many mobile broadband packages offer 1GB data allowances and these are definitely limiting for internet users, these are no longer the norm.  There are deals that offer 10GB of data usage per month.  This amount of data cap allows you to surf the web for about 100 hours, send or receive 10,000 emails, download 320, 4-minute tracks of music and download 50, 30-minute videos.  If you shop around you will be able to find packages that offer 15GB of data usage.

Expensive Data Charges

Once again, this was so in the past and has remained in the past.  Over the years the costs of mobile broadband data fees has been reduced due to the increase in demand for the service.  This has caused competition among the service providers and created very competitive market and more benefits for the user.

There are providers who will not charge you for excess usage, provided you do not exceed your cap regularly and by too much of a margin.  There are online tracking systems available that allow you to keep an eye on your usage, thus preventing any excess charges that may be levied.

You Need a Dongle to Get a Mobile Service

Yes, it is true that you need a dongle or mobile broadband router to access your mobile broadband service, but many laptops are now being manufactured with pre-installed modems for this purpose.  It is also possible to tether your laptop to your mobile phones, thereby using your phone as an internet gateway.  If you do not have a laptop, it is possible for you to obtain very good laptop deals, coupled with a mobile service.

International Usage is Expensive

People post horror stories about being charged thousands of pounds for using mobile broadband abroad.  Charges related to this facility have been cut drastically.  EU regulations have been put in place to allow for maximum megabyte charges in EU countries and the requirement to warn consumers when they reach a level close to their limit.  These actions will limit excessive shock charges.

It is possible for you to obtain a local broadband service when you travel abroad.  Once you arrive in your country of destination, you should enquire locally about the facilities available.  Using a local service will limit excessive charges.

Mobile Services are a Luxury

A mobile internet service is not always more expensive than having a fixed broadband connection.  With line rentals payable at around £14 per month, you will be able to obtain a 2GB mobile service for a similar amount of money every month.

Dongles and mobile routers are Old-Fashioned

It is true that the first dongles used for this purpose were definitely clunky and ugly.  There were produced more for their functionality than their aesthetic appeal.  Dongles have now become tiny, fashionable items that you can find fancy covers for.

Newer dongles offer more than the facility of simply getting you online.  More and more of these dongles not only offer you the internet connection facility, but also double as USB storage devices, making your life so much more convenient as you now no longer require two types of dongles for these two different actions.

Mobile Broadband is for Use Away from Home Only

Statistically 75% of all mobile broadband users make use of their mobile facility whilst at home.  If you are away from home, you can use your 3G service or make use of the wireless hotspots that you can access throughout the country.  Using these freely available wireless hotspots is a cost saving as you will not be chewing away at your monthly data allowance.

It is possible for you to share the mobile connection you have with other wireless devices.  All you need to do is obtain a mobile wireless router known as a Mi-Fi, plug your dongle into it and you and your friends can all access the internet.

Many consumers find using their mobile broadband facility a more cost effective method even when they are at home.  The extra cost of a telephone line for traditional broadband is a major deciding factor when you have to consider your options of broadband from home.

Before you decide on the service you wish to use, you should do your calculations and see what you can afford, the download speeds that you would like to have on hand and the data allowance that you will require on a monthly basis.

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