Finding The Best Mobile Broadband Deals

Finding The Best Mobile Broadband Deals

You can easily find the best mobile broadband deals with an online search, but you will have to make a comparison and find out if they suit your particular requirements. If the deal does not offer you exactly what you require or want, you should not sign up for it, unless you have no other choice.

Should you consider Mobile Broadband Deals?

The first step in finding the most suitable mobile broadband deals for your purposes is making the decision as to whether you actually require this type of service. The simplest way to determine this is to calculate what type of internet user you really are. There are basically three types of internet user and mobile broadband is not ideal for all them.

  • Heavy internet users do all the normal things such as checking their email messages, surfing the web and also download music and videos. They often get involved in online gaming too. If you fall into this category, you should not consider mobile broadband as your demands are too heavy for this type of service.
  • Regular users will normally check their email messages and surf the web. They may occasionally choose to watch a video and possibly get involved in online gaming once in a while. If you fall into this category, mobile broadband may work quite well for you, but that depends on how often you wish to undertake internet intensive tasks.
  • Light users are those people who check their email and surf for a short while every day. Mobile broadband is ideal for these users as their demands are not that great.


It is important that you find out if your service provider offers national coverage or not. Mobile broadband is dependent upon the 3G network and this is beamed from the same towers as mobile phone connections. Do not rely only on the coverage maps that the service provider offers, speak to your friends and acquaintances and find out about their experiences with the provider.


You will have the option of two types of contract. Prepaid services are ideal for those who do not make much use of the service. The cost involved in using this type of contract is higher than opting for a fixed monthly contract.

Fixed monthly contracts offer a fixed contract period to which you will be locked into. These contracts are often based on one year, 18 months or 24 month periods. If you choose a monthly contract, chances are that you will be able to get the broadband dongle free, however if you choose a prepaid service, this will not be so. There are often incentives for those signing up for a fixed term contract. These incentives may include a free laptop or tablet.

Data Allowance

Mobile broadband deals offer varying data allowance limits. You should choose the amount that you think you will require based on your user type profile. A recommendation for this purpose is that you only choose the amount that you know you will use in a 30-day period. If you choose a prepaid service, the data you purchase will expire after the 30-day period and whatever is left of the data you paid for will be lost. If you choose a fixed term contract, the more data you opt for, the more the contract will cost you. You also cannot roll over data that is left in your account from one month to the next.

There are service providers who market their mobile broadband data allowance as unlimited. This is false advertising as no-one offers unlimited mobile broadband. These deals normally come with a very high data usage cap or there is a fair usage policy that will cut your connection once you have utilised a certain level of data.


It is a common assumption that mobile broadband is only accessible via a dongle – this is untrue. The most popular option for mobile broadband is a USB dongle, but many computers now come standard with fitted 3G modems. If you own one of these computers, all you will need is a sim card to activate your mobile broadband package. As soon as you place the sim into your computer, you will have access to the internet via the 3G network.


If you have the facility of mobile broadband linked to your mobile phone contract, you should try tethering your mobile phone to your laptop. This can be done in various ways either by cable connections or wirelessly. If you opt for the cable method you will require a USB cable. The wireless option will use the Bluetooth connection. There are certain mobile phone providers where you can obtain a blot on amount of data allowance which can act as mobile broadband data. The one problem with this method is the cost as this add-on data may cost more than what a mobile broadband package will cost.

Tethering will not work if you have a prepaid mobile broadband service.

International Broadband

You will be able to use your mobile broadband package outside the borders of the UK, unless you are on a prepaid service. Once again, the cost of this service is extremely high and not worth it. If you require this service you may be able to snap up one of the special offers that service providers often run for broadband that you can use overseas. Unfortunately, these offers are not offered on a regular basis.


Due to the limits that you have on mobile broadband packages, it is recommended that you keep track of the balance on your account. There is software available that will allow you access to this information, either offered by your service provider or you can download freeware that will allow you to see this information. These programmes will keep track of your data usage and you will have the option to set an alarm that will alert you when you reach the milestones you set. This is an ideal situation as you will know exactly how much time you still have left on your contract.

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