What Is A Wireless Router And How It Works?

What Is A Wireless Router And How It Works?

Wired router Vs wireless router

If you wish to know about What is a wireless router, then first you must know about what is router and its functions. In general, the device router is used to connect the number of network groups and to direct the flow of network data packets’ traffic. So, routers are one of the main requirements for accessing the internet connection in a convenient as well as efficient manner. Commonly, routers are classified into two main types according to the mode of usage. They are wired router and wireless router. If the router directs the traffic flow of data packets between local network computers through Ethernet cables, then it is referred as wired routers based network. Otherwise, if the network uses the radio waves for data transmissions and its traffic control, then it is called as wireless routers based networks. Now, refer the following contents to know about unique features of wireless routers and What is a wireless router accurately.

What is a wireless router exactly?

Wireless router is a type of router, which do the standard router’s functions. In addition to this usual router function, the wireless router also includes the features of network switch and wireless access point. It does not require any wired connections to provide an efficient access for internet or computer network connectivity. All the connections and data transmissions are made with wireless technology through an assistance of radio waves. It is the exact description about What is a wireless router. Wireless routers are applicable for various networks like wired local area network, wireless LAN, and mixed networks of wired and wireless technologies. Depending on the manufactured model, you can use the wireless routers for any kind of network access without any restrictions.

Attributes of wireless routers

In addition to the information regarding with What is a wireless router, the attributes of wireless routers are also somewhat different from the wired routers. Most of the latest wireless routers include the following common attributes. The LAN port performs the function of similar to network switch and WAN port enables the connection of wide area network. Wireless antenna helps to connect other devices for a wireless network access. By using the wireless antenna, you can get the feature of connections to various devices like Nic cards also called as network interface card, wireless bridges, wireless access points, and wireless repeaters etc. This wireless antenna usually utilizes the application of Wi-Fi standard.

Security options and network standards

What is a wireless router? Just leave that question, now refer about features of wireless routers. Depending on the design of wireless router, you can get several kinds of security options for wireless network connections. Some examples for the security options that are accessible from the wireless routers include WEP (wired equivalent protocol), WAP, WI-FI protected access, and more. As well as, it also supports different kinds of network standards so that you can access the internet as per your desires without any discomforts. These are the full details about What is a wireless router and its related facets.


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Carter says:

Me thinks wired routers would be dead but for security risks inherent with wireless routers. But they are getting stronger all the time. Soon nothing will have wires.

King Pin says:

I’ve always had the best results with Netgear and Belkin routers. My newest router is a Western Digital and it is working great so far. I believe Western Digital is new to the consumer router industry.

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