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Published on February 13th, 2013 | by Staff Writer


Newer Games Can Only Be Played With a Broadband Connection?

Over the internet, new releases from the gaming giants hit the market every so often. Do you know that most games can no longer be played offline? Many new games require internet connection even if the user doesn’t intend to play it with friends over the internet.

This is the case with the newly released the New Sim City and a lot of players are not happy about it. The New Sim City has followed the move of Diablo 3 to require internet connection for the game to be played.

simcity broadband connection

SimCity is back and bigger than ever with a new 3D world to create and control and multi-player to play with your friends for the first time. SimCity require broadband connection for the game to be played.

The need for high speed internet connection is very evident these days. People who don’t own a computer, much less a steady internet connection, can adequately go back to the old ages and hang out with the Flintstones. But that’s rarely the case today. A broadband internet connection has become necessary to do the things that you normally do everyday.

Choose then, an internet connection that you can rely on. That’s regardless how you intend to use the internet. Broadband access is not a new concept at all but it isn’t a thing of the past either. Every year, new games are introduced in the market. In the same way, a better broadband plan comes about in the aim to answer the new demands of a regular internet user. Upgrading your internet connection should be regular practice if only to adapt the new games and the many things that you want to use your internet with.

Today’s biggest broadband providers are competing head to head not only in the kind of services that they can provide to consumers but also with the freebies and the bundles that they can hand out. Make it a habit to always check out what’s new with your own provider and see if you can change your old plan to the current one they’re offering. You may not know it but the games you always wanted to play are just right at your fingertips, waiting for you to take home and enjoy.

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One Response to Newer Games Can Only Be Played With a Broadband Connection?

  1. Neal says:

    What frustrates me is that I didn’t realize that most mobile games actually require a broadband or wireless connection. It eats up my data minutes. HATE THAT WITH PASSION!

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