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Published on January 14th, 2013 | by BroadbandReports


Free Broadband, Anyone?


FreedomPop FreedomPop has an ambitious goal – to deliver 100% free 4G mobile broadband internet access! Image courtesy of

How would you like your broadband connection to be almost free? Well, you still have to pay somewhat for the devices needed, setup, and usage fee. But after that, you practically have to spend for nothing else. Broadband connection on-the-go – that’s what FreedomPop is currently providing its customers.

But unlike most broadband connection, with FreedomPop, the user’s first 500MB is totally free of charge. Yep, you read that right – no payment is required. You’ll get high speed internet access absolutely free. What users have to pay for is the additional bytes that they’ll use in a rate of $10 per 1 GB.

Come to think of it, if you simply limit your access to the first 500MB, then you don’t have to pay for anything at all. Users have a 1 GB allowance per month. Consume the first 500MB in a day and your next 500 MB will be refreshed the next day. Consume all 1 GB and that’s only when the per GB charges would start to kick in.

FreedomPop is initially available in the United States and is offered via the WiMax network. Since this service is new, FreedomPop is also giving away referral incentives. Invite your friends to sign up for the service and you’ll enjoy more than just the 1 GB bandwidth allowance for a given month.

This offer is perfect for non-heavy internet users who merely check their emails and social networking account quite minimally. But even if you end up paying for additional GB’s, the rate of $1 per 1 MB remains to be more than reasonable. After all, you’re finally free from the clutches of a monthly data plan that is susceptible to slowdowns and outages.

Availing of the FreedomPop broadband connection is like getting your very own hotspot, only better. The service is offered with a handy modem device that can tap into Sprint’s WiFi network and give users the internet access that they need anytime, anywhere. Get the service now while it’s hot and totally free. Test if the on-the-go and on-demand internet connection that FreedomPop is giving is exactly what you needed.

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