Infographic: Free Hotel Wifi Continues To Grow

Infographic: Free Hotel Wifi Continues To Grow

The growth of smart phones as well as ultra-lightweight laptops (“netbooks”) signifies that people are tremendously carrying their own devices along with them. In the case of being portable, nothing beats WiFi; it’s wireless, quick and functions with the majority of modern devices.

The hospitality sector offers essential facilities for their visitors ensuring that they will be able to enjoy a comfortable stay. Internet services seems to be an important part of their service offerings. There are a number of elements that make the internet a necessity for travellers residing in hotels or resorts.

The free Internet access in hotels through technologies such as WiFi has become a decisive factor especially for business person on the move who tends to stay at his favorite Hotels and Inns in their most frequently visited cities. With a bridge just around the corner, more than one would like to know this news: two-thirds of European hotels already offer WiFi-in many cases for free-to their customers as an additional service, according to data from a survey published by the HRS booking portal.

The free wifi in hotels is a service that is becoming as important as having hot water in the room. It is time that all hotel chains hear this demand from guests and start doing something about it.

Here’s an outstanding infographic from HotelChatter that reveals which hotel services have confidence on the ‘free or paid’ psychology, how loyalty program levels influence this debate and build opportunities, why hotel internet speed is important in the race for customer advocacy, and who are the heroes and villains within the hotel wifi war.






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