Zettabyte Data Demand Will Push the Growth of VoIP

Zettabyte Data Demand Will Push the Growth of VoIP

The amount of digital data people are creating in a computer society is growing exponentially. By 2020 every person alive will have created, directly or indirectly, 40 zettabytes of data or 5,200 gigabytes. Most of this information will be saved on other databases such as work or government servers. However, quite a bit of data will also need to personally created, transmitted and downloaded by individuals themselves.

A large majority of data demanded or sent in 2020 will be digital video streaming or similar format. As of last year, video already made up almost 70 percent of the data transmitted via the Internet. However, the conduit of transfer has always been the problem of efficient data creation and distribution.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP has provided one easier answer for moving voice data over the Internet, however, now representing a $15 billion industry in 2012 with 30 million people connected now. As a result, hosted VoIP will continue to grow in demand as it help move voice data and starts to become integrated with video data as well, both requiring large amounts of digital information to be moved each time.


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