Infographic – All Aboard the Broadband Wagon

Infographic – All Aboard the Broadband Wagon

In these modern times, the Internet as well as other modern-day utilities are necessary for living a productive life. With the assistance of the various technology advancements through the years, daily life processes tend to be a lot easier.

A number of recent country research have noticed that a correlation between extending access to high speed broadband and boosting gross domestic product (GDP). The World Bank, in this case, has conducted a research which estimating that a 10 percent rise in broadband penetration can increase a developing economy’s GDP by as much as 1.38 percent. Furthermore, a 2010 study of 33 OECD countries conducted by Ericsson, Arthur D Little and Chalmers University revealed that doubling broadband speed can boost GDP by 0.3 percent.

On May 27 2013, Broadband Coupons, a site that supplies a multitude of broadband offers and discounts, has released a new informative infographic which provides an information on how popular broadband has become.

The infographic highlighted that 92% of U.S. households currently enroll in high-speed (broadband) services. With more than 80.3 million broadband subscribers in the U.S. alone, these services remain to dominate the U.S. Internet connection market.

Shockingly, 76% of US households which have broadband don’t know about the speed of their Internet connection.63% of broadband subscribers would rate their Internet connection as “high” (somewhere between an 8 and 10). Contrastingly, 6% of broadband subscribers rate their internet speed as “poor” (somewhere between a 1 and 3).

All Aboard the Broadband Wagon





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