Infographic: The State of WiFi

Infographic: The State of WiFi

Last month, Ubiquiti Networks, a multinational company that brings affordable wireless internet to under networked businesses and communities announced the findings of its new ‘State of WiFi eport’ from the Mobile Marketplace, CTIA 2013.

According to the results, employee needs have surpassed existing networks in terms of availability, reliability and performance. Some of the findings include:

  • 70% of mobile workers say WiFi availability and quality negatively impact their productivity
  • Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Cleveland are among the most under-networked cities
  • 79% of working professionals choose hotels and restaurants based on WiFi availability
  • 71% would use more resource-intensive mobile apps like video if WiFi were faster

The survey concludes that, as the mobile workforce in the US continues to grow and customers continue to demand Wi-Fi, businesses need to rethink their wireless strategies. What the’re gathering from the survey is that user perception might be okay for now, but not for much longer.

UBNT State of WiFi