Infographic: Mobile Broadband Connected Future

Infographic: Mobile Broadband Connected Future

The definition of mobile broadband describes high-speed wireless Internet connections along with services designed to be used from arbitrary areas. It is different from “wireless broadband” which is used when referring to “wireless hotspots” for instance coffee shops, hotels as well as airport lounges which usually provide Internet access or “wireless routers” which you install on a fixed phone line in your home. A mobile broadband service can be used at any place within a coverage area (including abroad), just like your mobile phone despite the fact that it is important to be aware that the speeds you get may vary just like with fixed line services.

4G Mobile Broadband is rapidly expanding throughout the world. HSPA and LTE are delivering new services and apps to billions of smartphones, M2M and connected devices. This infographic by 4G Americas gives a snapshot of 3GPP mobile cellular technologies today and in the future plus the spectrum crunch that could darken our screens.

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