Huawei Presents “Improving the Experience of Your Smartphone”

Huawei Presents “Improving the Experience of Your Smartphone”

Huawei, a leading global information technology and communication (ICT) solution provider, begins its 2013 Convention Professional Services for the Americas, which will discuss the new challenges of the era of broadband. The recent increase in the volume of mobile data requires operators to have options that improve the quality of the communication experience for smartphones and tablets.

With the theme “Improving your Smartphone Experience” Huawei’s Professional Services show attendees to this event, developments in services and solutions, in which the company has a deep global experience.

The Communication Service Providers are continually working to improve the quality of the customer experience, but the era of mobile broadband brings new challenges to operators, mainly by the significant increase in the volume of mobile data where in the last 5 years, operators of the United States has seen 20,000% increase in mobile data traffic.

Huawei has an innovative set of technologies and services that enable mobile operators to offer their customers a better quality browsing experience to their mobile devices. These solutions improve communication of voice and data in a more reliable and personal.

In the telecommunications industry as a vision called “end to end” devices, networks, content and applications. This is done to meet the demands for higher quality service to existing users. These innovations are achieved with the deployment of two solutions: HUAWEI SmartCare and Huawei Managed Services.

Leveraging Experience Customer Management

HUAWEI SmartCare is a management solution customer experience which diagnose network problems ahead, on a “per service per user.” This helps mobile operators to address problems such as dropped calls, slow connections (data latency) or other events that cause poor performance in mobile data services.

The main objective of HUAWEI SmartCare is to improve customer loyalty towards elevating their experience at all levels (network, customer service, services and applications).

Increasing the Total Value of Ownership (TVO)

To remain financially viable, business practice necessary for communication service providers is to make sound investments to recover the costs as soon as possible. The need to analyze how new solutions or services add value to the lives of their customers is now a necessary to ensure commercial success, or what is known as “Total Property Value” (TVO).

From an operational standpoint, Huawei has developed a set of services and solutions to lower operational costs, increase operational efficiency, as well as optimize technology investments and enable communication service providers improve the quality of the network and services and focus on their business objectives, “caring for the customer.” Solutions like HUAWEI SmartCare and Huawei Managed Services focus on increasing TVO (Total Value Property) operator.

The solution of Huawei Managed Services offers a global platform operators an efficient management of network operations (both in the fields of information technology and communication), helping their teams in network administration with maximum efficiency, improving profitability and offering higher quality.

This is the new Huawei Technologies Services, standards-based global IT and telecommunications (such as ITIL and eTOM), allowing network operators throughout the North of Latin America and worldwide, provide better quality to end users, with greater reliability, fewer interruptions and greater performance.

Innovation in Services and Solutions

With the best of professional services such as HUAWEI SmartCare and Managed Services, Huawei continues to lead with innovative solutions and services. With a highly respected global technology and services partners, Huawei goals are to help communication service providers to increase their efficiency, increase revenue and improve the overall customer experience.


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