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Published on January 7th, 2013 | by Nizam Nasirudin


Who Wants Absolute Control of the Internet?

internet free

Google wanted to keep the internet free.

The mere thought that there is somebody or something that is powerful enough to control the entire internet is very frightening. Ever since the internet gained intense popularity ten years ago, domination of the web has always been in the hidden agendas of big firms and powerful governments. Fortunately as of writing, none of them has succeeded – at least not yet.

But the pressure remains. Forces from all over the world always attempt to add in several regulations and restrictions to the ones already present in the aim of shaping the internet into something that they can gain further from. Sometimes, they do it via the innocent international conventions that talk about international roaming, dialing codes, long distance call rates, and the likes. But somehow, the intention is clear. Several entities want to influence the internet in one way or the other.

This is the reason why Google recently started a campaign asking for signatures of people from all over to put pressure the secret but very powerful inter-government meeting that aims to put restrictions on the internet. Google wanted to keep the internet free. Needless to say, they are the first company that would be affected ones the rules set in.

Absolute control of the internet is always an issue. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a hand on a very powerful entity that has the possibility of raking in millions of dollars in profits and revenues? The total number of users over the internet is very massive right now. And that number is expected to grow more as years pass by.

But what’s more important is the voice of the internet users themselves. Without these individual users, the internet is nothing. Without the brilliant people who run things and make the web more exciting every day, the lure of going online won’t be as huge. The future of the internet is in our hands. Everyone should be very vigilant when it comes to
people, groups, and individuals who want to gain absolute control of the very precious thing called the internet.

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