NSN Presents New VoLTE Technology

NSN Presents New VoLTE Technology

With the advancement of 4G/LTE coverage in Colombia and Latin America, NSN has focused attention on other complementary technologies that provide benefits to both operators and end users.

Within current forward investments that Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) in technology solutions stand out Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and High Definition Voice (HD Voice) to be presented in the framework of Futurecom 2013.

2G and 3G have been for many years the standard of mobile technology to provide voice services. Now, NSN presents Voice over LTE (VoLTE) that is to carry voice over IP 100% means a proven quality of service.

VoLTE offers great advantages for operators and for the end user. In the case of operators allowed to use its existing spectrum more efficiently and further reduce their cost of operation and management, and provide the best experience to the subscriber voice.

Currently, operators have the option of implementing a feature which will be extremely popular in users: High Definition Voice (HD Voice). This mechanism uses some wideband codecs for audio connections, playing with greater fidelity voice actors and removing audio sources.

The sensation transmits HD Voice is to be talking ‘face to face’ with our partner, this thanks to the clarity and audio quality.

This functionality could be a differentiating factor for voice telephony consumption in the coming years that will allow operators to maintain voice services currently offered to its customers today threatened by the entry of the OTT (Over the top) Skype and Viber , to name a few.

In addition, NSN has announced double data rates in FDD-LTE and TD-LTE networks with LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation. with NSN’s LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation, operators can create larger bandwidths for subscribers by aggregating spectrum resources. NSN carrier aggregation works on paired spectrum allocations (FDD-LTE) and on unpaired spectrum allocations (TD-LTE). For example, on a 40MHz allocation of paired spectrum, operators can offer downlink data rates of up to 300Mbps.

NSN has enhanced its Smart Scheduler to deliver up to 50% higher uplink data rates at cell edge and up to 20% more uplink cell capacity. The enhanced performance can be achieved on FDD-LTE and TD-LTE networks through a simple software upgrade on top of NSN Flexi MultiRadio Base Stations.

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