Brazil Prepares To Expand Satellite Internet

Brazil Prepares To Expand Satellite Internet

Brazil is in the final stages of selecting a defense and communications satellite to be launched as part of the effort to massify internet in the country, announced Tuesday by President Dilma Rousseff.

According to the president, and candidate companies were selected to provide the equipment and the satellite launch, with the intention of absorbing the technology that allows the country to produce in the future. The project involves an investment of 1,400 million reais ($622 million at current exchange rates) including installation and launch of the satellite and terrestrial platforms.

“The satellite will serve the needs of the National Broadband Plan, significantly improving the supply and quality of Internet, also serving the needs of civilian and military strategic communications Brazilian government,” said the president in his weekly column published in several newspapers across the country.

The broadband plan cited by the president was launched in 2010 and aims to extend high-speed internet to 40 million homes by 2014.

The Associated Press consulted the Ministry of Communications on the deadline for launching satellites and companies involved in the selection but initially there was no response.

According to Rousseff, the use of the satellite will complement the existing optical fiber network in the country to reach remote areas and allow access to the computer network.

In the defense, the satellite will serve to strengthen the system of land border surveillance, at a time when the country intensified police and military actions in the region to contain the entry of drugs and weapons fueling organized crime in large cities country.

Rousseff said the project includes the launch of two satellites future will help meet government internal communications in times of concern about allegations that government officials, including the president, have been the target of U.S. intelligence.

“With these actions, we will increase the security of communications and data sharing between public bodies, government networks, as well as widespread access to the Internet,” added the president.



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