2Tbps Speed Trial Of Huawei In Collaboration With Vodafone

2Tbps Speed Trial Of Huawei In Collaboration With Vodafone
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Huawei and Vodafone Complete World’s First 2 Tbit/s WDM Field Trial.

Huawei achieved the milestone of 2Tbps speed over the optical fiber network in collaboration with Vodafone. This terabit testing is carried out by using the existing fiber network connection of Vodafone in Germany and these networks are twenty times faster than the ordinary commercial networks. The test is carried out between two machines, which are away from the source of 1500 km and 3325 km. the network connection is already available between various cities of southern and central Germany. In this test, multiple connection technologies are used such as flex modulation and Super Soft-Decision FEC. These connection technologies are more helpful in achieving 100Gbps speed with the existing network backbone.

1500km field trial is achieved with the super-channel PDM-16QAM and the distance of 3325 km is reached by using the Nyquist PDM-QPSK long haul solution. Both of the transmissions were done on the G.652 fiber link and used erbium-doped amplifier. Huawei is the global pioneer is deploying 100G and it has taken many steps to improve the technology beyond 100G. The speed achieved in the Huawei test is similar to the results of ZTE, which is performed last year. In that test, the company performed a transmission with the speed of 1.7Tbps with the distance of 1,750 km. these high speed connections are more useful in providing fast internet connection speed between various regions. Huawei is ready to
build high advanced optical networks with the collaboration of Vodafone, customer-centric R&D and many other leading operators around the world. Huawei and Vodafone have successfully completed the first trail on 2Tbps speed.

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