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Published on February 4th, 2013 | by nizam


Extended Support Of HomePlug And MoCA

By 2014, the number of people using the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) in North America will exceed 25 million. HomePlug will also reach similar numbers in Western Europe in networking technology, according the recent research of ABI. MoCA 2.0 and the HomePlug AV2 standards will reach the customers in 2013, which offer high speeds high robustness in different line conditions. The new standards full set of features are not implemented in all devices, however the standard speed is continued in many devices. The “no new wires” networking solution has gained high traction from pay-TV operators and the consumer awareness is increasing with hybrid network solutions, retail market and consumer education.

Entropic is the market share leader in home networking market and now it is extended its services to MoCA. It provides SoCs for the client devices on the basis of hybrid networking partnership. Entropic is working hard to bring MoCA as a strong multi-band adaptor by reducing the hassle. The STB solution is extending this technology to various companies like Entropic, Broadcom, MStar and STMicro. The ultimate aim of these companies is to simplify the home networking and integrate the wired networking technology. Cost and adoptions are the barriers, but yet the technology is improving with power supplies of HomePlug integration and MoCA’s multi-band solution. The incentives of CE manufacturers are very much reduced without the customers demand and manufacturers are highly using wired networking than relying on external adaptors. In Western Europe the HomePlug remains to be more popular and the services providers have started to test MoCA standard.

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