Enjoy The Advancement Of Superfast Transmission By Hottest 4G Mobile Broadband Service

Enjoy The Advancement Of Superfast Transmission By Hottest 4G Mobile Broadband Service
With this successful trial, Vodacom Tanzania is now in a perfect position to launch super fast 4G mobile broadband services in Tanzania. Image courtesy of Vodacom.

Recently, Vodacom Tanzania performed its hottest trail for super-speed 4G mobile broadband application with the support of Nokia Siemens Networks. This application is based on the technology of Liquid core and radio access network (RAN). Addition to this, this latest trail applies the CSFB method of Nokia Siemens Networks. This Circuit Switched FallBack method is the excellent voice call system that enables the LTE mobile phones for making the voice calls with the help of fallback to 3G and GSM networks. Through this victorious trail, now Vodacom Tanzania founded its perfect position to initiate the superfast 4G mobile broadband services. So, Vodacom is decided to bring the world-class Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology for the mobile broadband customers. More over, it is committed to provide the ultra-fast data transmission services with effectual LTE services at world level. For this purpose, Vodacom is actively involved in the development of information and communications technology.

By taking advantage of the benefit of Nokia Siemens Networks, this 4G mobile broadband service is capable of conferring 1800 MHz spectrum for Long term evolution based mobile applications. It also consists of advanced radio transmission technology and the application of core platforms, which can make the performance and speed in a rocking manner. With the support of radio and core platforms that are used in this 4G mobile broadband, the customers can get the unfamiliar mode of feel and experience without any doubt. And it can amaze every user by its superfast data transmission technology. This superfast 4G mobile broadband also includes the applications like EPC, MSS, and more.



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