Huawei New Fibre To The Door (FTTD) Solution

Huawei New Fibre To The Door (FTTD) Solution

China leading global information and communications technology service provider, Huawei, reveals the industry’s first fiber to the door (FTTD) solution today claiming that it will provides ultra-broadband as fast as 100 Mbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s. The company said that the new FTTD system reusing the existing twisted pairs or coaxial cables through an innovation of line technologies, project implementation technologies, service provisioning and OAM technologies to overcomes the difficulties of the traditional fiber to the home (FTTH) or fiber to the building (FTTB) scenarios, such as drop fiber installation, slow deployment, large investments, and effectively provides operators with broadband access.

According to You Yiyong, Huawei access network product line president; “Huawei is dedicated to continuous customer-centric innovation. We believe that the FTTD solution can help our customers resolve difficulties in deploying FTTH networks. Relying on the advantages of the FTTD solution such as ultra-broadband access through any medium, simple deployment, and remote management, operators can stay ahead of the fierce market competition and achieve business success.”

Huawei has invested many years of technical research and engineering verification into this latest innovation. Image courtesy of Huawei.

Due to the enhancement of high-definition videos and cloud services, ultra-broadband access is becoming more well-known in the development of broadband networks. It has been proven that the current industry FTTx solutions are incapable of resolving the problems in FTTB and FTTH scenarios. Meanwhile the FTTD solution has been examined on the live networks of many operators worldwide with excellent satisfaction levels, and is to be put into trial commercial use in Europe and the Middle East. It uses new techniques such as reverse power supply, free grounding, and free configuration to support the plug-and-play feature and remove the need to perform configurations on site. For service provisioning and OAM, the FTTH OSS system is reused and equipment matching becomes easy.

For this latest innovation, Huawei has invested many years of technical research and engineering verification to get a great quality output. The FTTD solution inherits the advantages of the FTTH and FTTB solutions to meet the challenges of ultra-broadband and drop fiber installation. The access equipment is deployed at an outdoor position nearest to the user, such as in the corridor or the telecom riser. The existing twisted pairs, coaxial cables, and Ethernet network cables are reused to resolve the drop fiber installation issue. In addition, VDSL2, Vectoring, and Giga DSL technologies are used to provide ultra-broadband as fast as 100 Mbit/s to 1000 Mbit/s.



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