World-First TD-LTE Based Live TV Broadcast Amazed The World Of Broadcasting Service

World-First TD-LTE Based Live TV Broadcast Amazed The World Of Broadcasting Service

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) successfully introduced its latest broadcast application for live television networks. This application is based on the technology of time division-duplex long term evolution that is TD-LTE and it is the first TD-LTE based live TV broadcast method around world level. This TD-LTE network is exclusively developed by Nokia Siemens Networks, which includes the high definition video applications and quality image transmission. By using the advantage of high definition video and image view, it will offer the excellent live TV performance. So, the viewers can realistic and stunning view from this TD-LTE based live TV broadcast, which can confer the exhilarating live TV experience for them. In the future days, this TD-LTE technology can create the new enhancements in live TV broadcast method without any disbelief.

Addition to this, the TD-LTE network of Nokia Siemens Networks is capable of conferring the entire aspects with the feature of zero bit error. So, the users can get extraordinary live broadcast service for their TV without any loss of data. As well as, it has proficiency to bestow the efficient data transmission for the users without any interference between the signals. This broadcast service is made with enriched level of network capability and brilliant traffic and signal management techniques, which confers the ultra-premium performance for the users. So, the users can obtain the telecast up-to-the-second without any delay in the live transmission. This TD-LTE based broadcast method for live TV contains 5 Mbps uplink throughput that ensure the outstanding video quality for smooth TV viewing feature of millions of viewers.



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