The US Broadband Connection is the Most Expensive in the World

The US Broadband Connection is the Most Expensive in the World

Comparing the broadband connection of the United States to that of Europe and Asia, it’s clear to see that the residents of America are certainly paying way too much than other nations. The rates for a steady broadband connection in the US vary greatly from state to state, location to location. But on the average, users would have to pay some $40 to $100 for their connection. Note that the $40 monthly rate is even a promo price.

However, the US is out to prove that the broadband connection in their country is way better than what others have. With the minimum speed of 12 Mbps, the $40 plus rate is definitely worth the price. American broadband users are actually paying for speed and reliability on top of an impeccable monthly service.

Furthermore, it has been a known fact that the US leads the whole world when it comes to broadband technology. As a matter of fact, the country is in the process of adapting to the much faster 4G LTE mobile broadband technology. This technology is slated to be thrice as expensive compared to today’s mobile broadband connections.

American firms, on the other hand, had all switched to the fiber technology. And although it is too far out to think that fiber-to-fiber connection between regular home users would even happen, the fact still remains that companies are willing to invest on more expensive materials to boost their means of online communication. This put the US on the top ranks once again. It only proves that money is certainly not of the element as far a speedy, reliable, and up-to-par security networks is concerned.

However, there are different broadband options in the US that would be a perfect match to every user’s needs. Light users can pay as low as $16.45 for a slower broadband connection. Such a plan is offered at a speed of 512 Kbps to 3 Mbps or can be purchased at a data plan worth 2GB.



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