Broadband Project Of EU Become Hard To Reach

Broadband Project Of EU Become Hard To Reach

According to the CEF (connecting Europe Facility) of Europe, the broadband goals of reaching 30 Mbps by 2020 will not be achieved with the disarray of budget. This project is actually projected with the budget of 9 billion Euros, but in the first austerity budget sanctioned only 1 billion Euros. Many industrial experts that believe that EU involvement will reduce the telecomm operators to great extend in Europe. The limited funding availability will lead to reduction in subsidy that is given to the existing telecom operators. This funding will not help to obtain the goal, so that there will not be any growth the telecom sector in the future years.

The overall budget of the EU is reduced by three percent for the next sever year, which is mainly due to the pressure of UK prime minister. As a result, the existing EU broadband target will be hard to achieve and the 1 billion Euro is specifically assigned for the elnvoicing and eProcurement digital services. The 2020 broadband target is agreed by everyone, but Europe will try hard to achieve the goal. The Europe commissioner states that, EU will active involve in the broadband projects in the future by closely working with European investment bank. Funds will be assigned for the broadband projects with the raise in capital funds in bank. Other areas also heavily affected with the funds insufficiency and 50 billion Euro fund is intended only for the infrastructure and technological improvements. Everyone hopes that EU will provide proper funds for the broadband projects in the upcoming years.



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