Swisscom Launches Fiber Broadband For Non-Urban Areas

Swisscom Launches Fiber Broadband For Non-Urban Areas

Swisscom has come up with new plans to bring fiber broadband to the non-urban areas. The Switzerland’s largest telecom service provider has chosen the Huawei as supplier and strategic partner for this plan. Huawei is the leading Chinese firm, which provides fiber optic broadband services for many years in China. The Swisscom is planned to expand the fiber broadband services to major urban cities also and the fiber-to-the street (FTTS) is successfully tested in the last summer. The plan includes various process and steps including the fiber-optic cable laying within 200 meters and utilizing the copper cables to cover the remaining distance. Through this project, Swisscom plans to provide 100 Mbps speed in the initial stage and the speed will be enhanced to 400 Mbps in the upcoming years. The basic contract with Huawei covers the active network components that are required for the construction and installation of cables.

This project will take place doe around eight years around 4328 million. Swisscom said that the total cost involved in the plan is CHF 1.75 billion, which includes the contract that made with Huawei. In autumn 2012, FTTS test was launched in various municipalities of Grandfontaine, Charrat and Flerden. The customers in these areas already avail the internet services through FTTS technology. The FTTS expansion plan Swisscom will start immediately and it will reach various location by the end of 2013. Swisscom also revealed that it will provide resellers offer for various internet and telecommunication service providers. Swisscom believes that the new telecommunication technology will help to
withstand the market competition.



Larry Hobbs says:

Sounds like the Swiss are on the right track. A rock solid, fast Internet backbone is increasingly important to compete in the global marketplace. As for partnering with Huawei, I’m not so sure about that decision. I don’t know much about them or their track record.

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