Broadband Subscribers in the World Expected to reach 635.9 Million

Broadband Subscribers in the World Expected to reach 635.9 Million

After performing a thorough broadband subscriber data analysis, it has shown that the subscribers of fixed broadband systems has reached almost 640 million after the end of the 3rd quarter of 2012. That indicates a two percent rise in the numbers from the previous quarter. This only goes out to prove how viable and indispensible the high speed internet connection really is today.

The data was published by Point Topic, an analyst firm. They worked with Broadband Forum to make the research public. The actual growth is at 2.7% from Q2 to Q3 of 2012. And from Q1 to Q2, the growth noted is at 2.1%. Roughly, there were around 54 million new subscribers all over the world in just a span of one year, which is from Q3 of 2011 to Q3 of 2012. It can also be noted almost half of those new subscribers chose fibre-based connections for their broadband network.

With the onslaught of the fibre broadband network, cable broadband connection has been moved down to the third spot of most common type of fixed internet broadband connection installed. ADSL remains on top. However, the new fibre technology is rapidly increasing in its popularity and ADSL can’t be complacent. Right now, there were more than 367 million internet broadband connections on copper, which is what ADSL connections use. They were followed by 125 million for fibre optics. Not very far by are the cable broadband connections at 121 million.

Oliver Johnson, CEO of Point Topic is interviewed by Brian Dolby at the NextGen12 conference in London on 8 October just after announcing the results of the recent Point Topic study.

Point Topic’s Chief Executive Oliver Johnson said that the growth of broadband subscribers can be attributed to the world’s emergence from financial chaos. Now that nations all over the world are slowly rising on its feet, the need for high-speed broadband connection for businesses and homes becomes normal. This steady growth of the broadband industry can be expected to continue for several more quarters.