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Published on March 1st, 2013 | by Nizam Nasirudin


Wi-Fi Made More Accessible with The Cloud

Being connected anywhere and everywhere is something today’s busy individuals want. And their prayers were answered when The Cloud is set to make the London Overground Rail Stations a certified hotspot. Commuters will be able to enjoy free broadband connection while waiting for their trains. Each use is given 60 minutes worth of free access daily.

With this development, travelers can now access information and news without having to pay for it while waiting for their ride. Just log on to the network and get connected. Check your emails conveniently and update your social networking site and among other things that you can do.

The Cloud is currently moving on to make the rest of the stations overground stations Wi-Fi by June. Seven stations are already lined up to be installed with the hotspot facilities so passengers can use them very soon. London workers and employees commuting daily are the ones mostly benefited by this improvement.

Vince Russell

Vince Russell, Managing Director of The Cloud

The Cloud Managing Director Vince Russell said that they are offering their business right to the center of London’s activities, which are the train stations. This project is mainly directed to all London residents who many need a fast and reliable internet access wherever they go. Just by sitting on the train, one will be able to access pertinent documents and do work while commuting. Not only the project makes London fully connected, it makes its people more productive as well.

Furthermore, Vince Russell said that their firm is ready to provide a fast and reliable internet connection to London overground passengers, not the traditional 4G or 3G networks that may go slow when network traffic peaks. The company is building a connection way better than regular. Through their system, people will enjoy waiting for their trains and won’t get frustrated with a slower internet connection speed.

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