Broadband Support Scheme Up for Closure

Broadband Support Scheme Up for Closure

Broadband Support Scheme, a Welsh company, is about to close. With this recent announcement comes the actual date of the closure, which will be on March 31, 2013. Welsh BBS will no longer be able to provide both service and support to the local broadband industry.

Welsh BBS is not a broadband provider but a support group for businesses that are digitally challenged. The company offers subsidies and support systems across all industries that intend to work with broadband systems but can’t do so because of their limited resources. Now that the company is closing down, businesses would have to do without their help.

But this news is not supposed to cause distraught among large businesses relying heavily on the internet. The better side of it is the fact that the government will be making a major investment in the local broadband infrastructure. It mainly because of that why there is no need for the BSS to exist. A better solution can be expected from the government.

The government has promised more than £425 million for the infrastructure development of high-speed broadband connection nationwide. With this impending improvement in the nation’s broadband connection and network, internet speeds will be increased to as much as 96%. It is slated that every home and business will enjoy superfast internet connection by 2015.

Denbighshire Free Press has printed proofs of their interview with a government spokeswoman who confirmed the story. She said that the groundwork for the project has already been laid down and that everything is all set to deliver the much awaited fibre broadband technology to the many parts of Wales that can’t be covered by the commercial broadband companies.

The expected speed of this new connection is at 80Mb. The government is looking to reach as much as 96% of all businesses and homes that are currently tagged as digitally challenged.

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Mardee says:

Increasing Internet speeds by 2015? Sounds brilliant, but I’d imagine that technology would require more broadband to function. A trade-off, I guess… especially as people use more internet connections with their wireless devices and computers. Technology owns our lives!

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