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Published on March 6th, 2013 | by Staff Writer


The Only Hope for the Future’s Broadband Connection

With the way things are going, broadband connection is becoming a strong part of every person’s life. Today, a solid and secure connection is starting to be a necessity and no longer a luxury. Broadband is slowly getting to be as important as electricity and given that fact, only the monopolies are happy about it. But if it definitely comes to that, should the government intervene and provide for this particular service instead?

That’s how the future is going to be, if the big players are still not willing to do their business fair and square. Right now, tens of thousands subscribers are complaining about their less than acceptable internet connection. The number of complaints is expected to increase over time. The government, more than any private institution, does have the resources to build broadband networks that would benefit not just its constituents but the whole nation in general.

However, making broadband a public utility has its own disadvantages. While electricity is a very simple service to distribute, broadband connections is a lot complex in nature. It requires the infusion of new technologies from time to time as the needs of the subscribers change. There’s no industry as volatile as the broadband industry. Whatever infrastructure you have now will be worthless in the future if it missed too many upgrades. Therefore, in order to supply a superior broadband connection, the combination of software, hardware, and peopleware will be required.

The investment of private firms remains to be crucial in delivering high speed broadband service. And the government’s role in providing subsidies is more than required as well. Private firms need to work with the government and vice versa as far as building a fully functional broadband connection is concerned. Only then will there be hope for the future of broadband.

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2 Responses to The Only Hope for the Future’s Broadband Connection

  1. Gorgia says:

    I heard that the government regulates the speed to actually keep the Internet slower. I don’t know why anyone would want to do that. A security risk? Is it really true? Hmm. Fishy stuff. But the government always is.

  2. Sara B. says:

    I’m puzzled by this article. Maybe I missed it, but why exactly is there no hope for the future of broadband unless the government subsidizes the industry? In general, the government is a very inefficient supplier of goods and the lack of competition will likely frustration innovation and increase costs. The free market will insure the broadband industry grows according to consumer demand. Why is the current system broke?

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