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Published on March 7th, 2013 | by Staff Writer


Broadband Connections and the 4K Video Stream

As videos are shifting to the full HD mode, bigger and wider bandwidth is required for downloading and streaming them online and into your TV sets. It has been noted that the 4K videos are the worst problem of today’s broadband providers. Consumers always want more speed yet providers are not so very willing to provide them that right away. As such, the promise of reaching the subscriber’s own bandwidth cap becomes more and more impossible.

A 4K movie streamed onto your TV screen is going to eat up a lot of bandwidth indeed. Just imagine if there were thousands of subscribers trying to do that same thing all at the same time. How would the broadband providers react? That would certainly bring down their connection to a crawl. And the streaming experience is definitely not going to be wonderful. That’s something no provider would want to happen to their subscribers or they will start complaining. And not very soon enough, they all would start switching.

php2fWae0PMSony is looking into supporting these 4K video stream and have them working for their all-new PlayStation 4. However, streaming those videos is known to eat up some 100GB on the bandwidth – something that not a lot of service providers are willing to provide. Well, there is good news and bad news behind all these. The good news is that there are next generation satellite broadband players that could provide you with such a service. But the bad news is that you have to pay some $580 for it. It will cost you some $580 to download a single s4K film.

Indeed, today’s new technologies are changing faster than the broadband service providers can cope up with. Now that high-speed internet is required just not by computer users, there really is a huge challenge for all providers to be true to their broadband speed capacities. This time around, the game should really change for the benefit of the consumers.

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  1. tech geek says:

    I use my Playstation to watch Netflix and at times the processing lags… I don’t quite get how the latest device can be so slow. Is there an optimal Internet speed for online TV/movie viewing?

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