T-Mobile MetroPCS Deal Announced

T-Mobile MetroPCS Deal Announced

Two broadband giants T-Mobile and MetroPCS are ready to sign off a deal that would merge them together to form one company. The FCC announced today that they are very likely to approve the T-Mobile’s impending acquisition of Metro PCS. T-Mobile is currently the fourth largest broadband carrier in the US.

The FCC approves the acquisition on grounds that T-Mobile has been a dynamic player in the broadband industry, despite being only the fourth largest competitor. Its acquisition of MetroPCS will prove to benefit not just the two companies but the entire mobile industry as well. With the two companies joining forces to provide broadband consumers the level of service that they need, the result will only be positive for all the parties involved.

It may not happen that the merger would immediately create a drastic change in the US broadband playing field but there will definitely be robust growth and competition. The deal is expected to shift the way that the US broadband market behaves. The competition will be a lot fiercer with T-Mobile and MetroPCS now working together, instead of against each other. Their competitors may not be taken aback by the acquisition entirely, but they will be encouraged to revitalize their own network for the sake of the new competition just the same.

Consumers will not expect an immediate decrease in pricing nor would the two companies’ competitors will feel the huge impact of the acquisition right away. But the broadband game will certainly change in the US market with this development. It will benefit the broadband subscribers in such a way they that will be given yet another option as far as their online connectivity needs are concerned. Watch out for the official announcement when the two giants will officially merge. Check out their latest broadband offering and subscriber surprises.



Oscar Payton says:

LOL … “customers will not expect an immediate decrease in pricing… ” DUH, less competition results in higher prices, not lower prices. MetroPCS traditionally did a great service in the cell phone industry but maintaining constant price pressure on the big 4 (including T-Mobile). This is not good for the market.

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