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Published on March 14th, 2013 | by Nizam Nasirudin


Use of Ultra-Fast Broadband: Smart Connectivity in Assisting Communication in the Health Care Delivery System Across New Zealand

The Snap’s Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) using Smart Connectivity has been chosen to be the partner of General Practice New Zealand (GPNZ) in delivering health care. Since telecommunication is involved, a much wider range of communities outside hospital facilities will be reached with health care services of both general practice and primary health care networks.

The availability of Smart Connectivity will start on April 2013. This will only be made possible after the installation of optic fibre infrastructure that accounts 1.5 million dollars of the government’s investment. The infrastructure that will be used is governed by Crown Fibre Holdings. Smart connectivity is widely significant primarily in providing health care providers internet connection, hosted telephony and video services but will be paid at a reasonable cost. Basically, the purpose of using the telecommunication device is to develop a coordinated and organized way of communication between networks of health care entities.

In previous years, Snap, which is launched under Smart Connectivity, has not failed in supporting the health sector of New Zealand in providing services. Snap made evolution in making new technologies from corporate fibre and now, UFB fibre at its latest.

Snap CEO

Mark Petrie, Chief Executive Officer at Snap Internet.

In professions taking care of health, no mistakes are allowed. Therefore, communication must be concise and clear. With the help of UFB, unity of command will be encouraged to prevent errors is the delivery of health care to the community especially if there are multiple networks to be managed. Other than that, cost-effective, efficient, and most importantly, safe health care delivery system will be provided among the clients of New Zealand through the use of this technology. In over 20 cities and towns, UFB services are now available continuing to support overall health practice in the community.

“The health sector is a priority for Snap’s UFB rollout. Our aim is to improve access to information and encourage the use of common systems across multiple health providers. Improved connectivity will allow centralised solutions to be embraced for more effective and effcient patient care, reducing the costs and burdens of legacy systems and technology, but also ensuring that New Zealand continues to deliver a world class healthcare service. Snap is incredibly excited to bring its UFB-based Smart Connectivity suite of services to the health sector with GPNZ and its member networks” said Mark Petrie, CEO at Snap.

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2 Responses to Use of Ultra-Fast Broadband: Smart Connectivity in Assisting Communication in the Health Care Delivery System Across New Zealand

  1. James Peach says:

    Sounds like a very smart infrastructure investment that will increase the health care industry’s productivity and save lives! I also suspect it will save money in the future by allowing the widespread use of electronic medical records. Way to go New Zealand!

    • Joel says:

      It’s truly a brilliant plan. I love that the health care industry has become so forthcoming… in today’s age, it seems like NO business will bet there. Double-whammy!

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