New Virgin Media Broadband Bundles Announced

New Virgin Media Broadband Bundles Announced

Virgin Media, UK’s largest broadband and internet provider, is gearing up for a whole new offering to their new broadband subscribers. Their latest perk is the Classic Collection, wherein subscribers are given the best deal in broadband, TV, and home phone connections all-in-one. Furthermore, the application fee of £49.99 is waived for new subscribers.

The Classic Collection subscription bundle that would allow subscribers surf the internet, make calls, and watch Virgin Media TV channels, is currently offered at a mere £8 per month for the first six months of the subscription contract. After that, it will revert to the usual £18 per month rate until the 18-month contract expires.

The total discount that new Virgin Media subscribers will enjoy is over £100. That’s big savings indeed given the fierce competition in the UK broadband market today. This offer is only available to new subscribers who signed up for the deal through the internet. It is not applicable to Virgin Media’s existing subscribers.

However, there’s a fine print to this offering. All subscribers are also required to pay for line rental that costs £14.99 per month. This add-on fee is applicable to all Virgin Media home phone subscribers, old and new alike. The Classic Collection bundle is a full fibre-optic broadband service that supports a download speed of as fast as 30Mb – that’s three times better than the average internet speed offered across the UK.

And to complement that ultra fast broadband service is unlimited calls to landline phones in the UK, with a several free minutes’ worth of calls to Virgin Mobile subscribers. For the pay-TV services that is included in the bundle, new subscribers are given more than 60 exciting channels to choose from, with 5 of them offered in full HD mode.



Ursula says:

I love using a bundle or two for my home Internet and TV, but sometimes it is cheaper to buy stuff a la carte. But this deal? Too good to pass up.

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