Nigeria: Approval of Broadband Map to Increase Broadband Penetration By 500% in 2015

Nigeria: Approval of Broadband Map to Increase Broadband Penetration By 500% in 2015

On September 20, 2012, President Goodluck Jonathan produced a broadband strategy or map. Yet, the president’s approval on this document is still awaited, according to Mrs. Omobola Johnson, Minister of Communications Technology.

According to Mrs. Johnson, the current broadband penetration of Nigeria is between 6 to 10 percent, in which she emphasizes the need of the industry’s collaboration and investment in money and time. She added that the government needs to do a lot work and investments to do its responsibilities when it comes to broadband penetration. The technology keeps on evolving, however, the broadband penetration is at its lowest rate, making it impossible to meet the growing demands of the community for industry priorities for infrastructures and bandwidth. Therefore, broadband employment with an increase on its penetration is significant in the industry, and this remains a challenge for infrastructure providers and network operators. Other problems encountered are the cost of bandwidth and taxes associated with its use, which the broadband map is trying to eliminate.

With the deliberation made for five months, appropriate policies, regulatory and legal framework were made to encourage foreign and domestic investors to support broadband employment needs on upgrading broadband penetration in collaboration with national initiatives for the implementation to be possible. Lowering the cost and eliminating taxes and import duties are also proposed in the strategy as well as the review of the ICTs. The strategy aims to increase 500% broadband penetration by 2015. With its implementation, the national socio-economic status will improve.



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