Results of the Fastest 4G LTE Speed Survey Announced

Results of the Fastest 4G LTE Speed Survey Announced

Ultra-fast 4G LTE speeds are what consumers wanted. And in a recent study conducted by RootMetrics, the broadband company that can provide for the fastest 4G LTE speed is named. They tried all the 4G LTE offerings of the major players in the US broadband market and they have come up with a winner: AT&T.

According to RootMetrics, AT&T is able to provide a download speed of up to 18.6 Mbps for their 4G LTE customers, with a matching 9.0 Mbps upload speed to go along with it. This only means faster song downloading, quicker photo sharing, a more reliable internet access, and immediate app download. Now, everything that a subscriber wants to do with his smart phone has gotten a lot faster and easier.

RootMetrics immediately handed the laurels to AT&T after determining that it is the blazing fast provider they are looking for after conducting the study. Through the recent performance review that the company released, the methodology of their study was outlined. They used more than 725,000 4G samples, both LTE and non-LTE, to conduct the tests. They also found out that out of the top 77 US markets, 47 of them are deployed with the 4G LTE technology served by AT&T.

AT&T’s Senior Vice President for Technology and Network Operations John Donovan said that they are working to further expanding their 4G LTE reach, as their equipments are capable of covering more than 300 million subscribers by the end of 2014. The company has invested close to $98 billion in their operating costs and investments.

RootMetrics, on the other hand, is an independent firm that conducted the study. They claim that the result of their wireless network performance evaluation is not a promotional effort to endorse AT&T’s product offerings or services.

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