Liquid Telecom Invests US$80m in Fibre Optic Network

Liquid Telecom Invests US$80m in Fibre Optic Network

BROADBAND internet wholesaler Liquid Telecom has since 2010 spent more than US$80 million towards in establishing its fibre optic cable network in Zimbabwe.

Makamure said Liquid has three transnational links which include two connections through Beitbridge and five international links.

The linkages have enabled Liquid to offer Internet broadband, Wimax, voice over Internet Protocol, gigabit passive optical network technology which is a service aimed at connecting households on the fibre network under the company’s fibre to home initiative (ftth).

Liquid’s ftth initiative, which it says is a first in the country, is targeting low density areas. Already connections have been completed in Borrowdale Brooke and they have now moved to the rest of Borrowdale, Milton Park, Belgravia, Kensington, Avondale, parts of the central business district and the Avenues area.

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