Huawei Unveils 4G LTE, Devices At Accra Summit

Huawei Unveils 4G LTE, Devices At Accra Summit

Huawei, the leading telecommunication equipment manufacturer introduced the first 4G TD-LTE network in Ghana and two new smart devices at the recent ITU Africa Regional Preparatory Meeting (RPM-AFR) for the WTDC-14 held in Accra, Ghana. Huawei’s 4G LTE (long-term evolution) promises faster video streaming and Internet downloads without any hitches and suitable for video conferencing. 4G LTE is the latest standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals.

Huawei mounted demonstrations on how their 4G LTE functions and engaged the delegates in a telepresence interaction from the International Conference Centre and the Office of the President Annex. Huawei’s 4G TD-LTE network will make Ghana communication more effective, efficient and transparent. Huawei also launched two advanced smart devices, the Huawei Ascend Mate and the Huawei Mediapad 10 FHD.



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