Huawei Wants An Active Player Contributing To The Success Of The National Broadband Network in Tunisia

Huawei Wants An Active Player Contributing To The Success Of The National Broadband Network in Tunisia

The 2013 edition of ICT4ALL Forum was held in Hammamet, in the presence of the Minister of Information Technology and Communication – Mongi Marzouk, the Chinese Ambassador – Bian Yanhua, Vice President of Huawei North Africa – Cao Jibin, Alan Chou – General Manager at Huawei Tunisia and many experts, investors and officials. It was marked by significant participation Huawei, in particular with its Broader Way Forum 2013 in Tunisia, which aims to develop the ICT sector in Tunisia and North Africa Region.

Huawei Broader Way Forum 2013 was inaugurated by Mr. Marzouk, who praised the efforts of Huawei in the development of the national broadband network in Tunisia (national broadband network: NBN): “The broadband networks have become a hub important at all levels and are the backbone of the diversity of services. We seek to benefit from this technology that has proven successful in many countries, particularly in job creation and economic development, which is why we wish to cooperate with companies from the public and private sectors “adding that he hopes that “the participation in this forum will deepen and exchange experiences in the world.”

Department Chair Business & Network Consulting, Paul Scanlan, presented at the conference, an overview of the national broadband networks, as well as global and local trends, the commercial aspects in the world, as well as the Huawei Vision for national project broadband network (NBN). It also showed the role of the solution in improving the economic and social situation. Broadband is as important as air, water, transport and energy. It is considered one of the strengths of transformation in the 21st century.

Huawei NBN shared its experience and expertise in various projects and assured that broadband is the key determinant of economic prosperity. Huawei has emphasized that the development of broadband infrastructure accelerating the reform and ICT industry in North Africa, the attraction of foreign direct investment, opportunities for job creation, establishment of e-government and a better implementation of social communication.

On the occasion of the ICT 4 All Forum, Huawei has presented its ICT solutions and opportunities for visitors to test different national broadband network, including e-government applications, smartphones and tablets.

Huawei is dedicated to the promotion and development of the ICT sector in Tunisia and throughout the region by providing solutions to the forefront of technology, services and programs for operators, business partners and the government. Huawei‘s ambition is to open the borders of cooperation for a better future of ICT in North Africa.

Chou said; “As an active player since 1999 on the Tunisian telecommunications market, Huawei reaffirms its position that allows them to participate and contribute to the success of the national broadband network in Tunisia.”

He stressed out that Huawei participation in this forum is an opportunity to show its enthusiasm for this project and willingness to share the knowledge in the field of NBN for the success and development of this project in Tunisia.




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