Algerie Telecom To Launch 4G in May 2014

Algerie Telecom To Launch 4G in May 2014

Technical testing undertaken by Algerie Telecom, in the context of launching of fixed telephony 4G, has being finalized, said the CEO of this company.

“The technical tests have reached an advanced stage and will be completed soon,” revealed Mr Azouaou Mehmel in a statement to APS on the sidelines of his participation in an afforestation campaign organized by the Forest Conservation.

The CEO of Algerie Telecom restated on the occasion, the commitment of the company to launch 4G on May 1st, indicating that the first phase of the program will affect towns of the wilayas before being generalized to all municipalities in the country.

The Minister of Post and Information Technology and Communication (PTIC), Ms. Zohra Derdouri had recently announced that the commercial launch of 4G technology in fixed mode will take place in May 2014, while the launch of 4G mobile is scheduled for late 2015.

She further explained that the process of launching 3G fixed and mobile 4G later by the incumbent Algerie Telecom illustrates the willingness of the Government to include Algeria in a dynamics building of the information society and digital economy.

The launch of 4G in a very short time only after the commercial launch of 3G is part of a development perspective of the technological level in communication and telecommunication, she added.


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